“The Hits” by Leather Moustache


Leather Moustache & Friends.
This tape has been kicking around for years,
Archival recordings from 1986/87
Recorded mostly at Riverina Flats

#04 digital-penetration.com

released 24 May 2014
Ralph Philips, Nique Needles, Stu Spasm, Lachlan McLeod, Kevin Purdy, Patrick Kavanagh, Peter Read, Philip Clifford

“Broken Eggs” by Megalon’s Eggs


Megalon’s Eggs were
Michael Farkas – Vocals & Sax
Charlie Tolnay – Guitar
David Quinn – Bass
Bill Bostle – Drums
Herman Lauss – Bass
Chris Wiley – Drum Machine
Peter Hill – Vocals

Previously unreleased archival recordings

Recorded in Adelaide, 1986.


“chingaling!” by X-E-S


released 13 March 2013

Louis Burdett – Percussion, wind synth & electronics // Patrick Kavanagh – Guitar, keyboard, fx // Anastasia Mano – Vocals & Lyrics

Crap Erotica & Devil’s Lounge recorded live at Chingalings, Sydney, January 2011
All other tracks recorded at the Cougar Bar. Thanks go to Venom!
Mixed & Mastered at Death Trap Productions, Adelaide
Produced & Engineered by Patrick Kavanagh
#02 digital-penetration.com 2013

“So What’s Your Motto?” by Moist




“So What’s Your Motto?” by ‘Moist’ presents archival recordings of the lovely Sydney trio Moist from 1986/7.
Peter Read – Guitars, Drum & Synth Rhythms, Vocals
Ralph Philips – Drum Kit, Vocals, Trombone
Patrick Kavanagh – Trumpet, Sax, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal (on Toten Tanz)

Tracks 1-4 recorded live at Taree RSL
Dedicated to Ralph Philips